Thursday 1 August 2013

There are tapas, and then there are tapas!

Every café and bar in Spain has a selection of tapas, in varying styles and sometimes doubtful quality. In San Sebastian, Zaragoza and Madrid I found some very nice tapas (or pinchos/pintxos), but at prices higher than I'd remembered from previous visits.

In Córdoba, on the other hand, I found several places where tapas were free with every drink. It won't come as a surprise that these free tapas were pretty small and not exactly top notch, but they were tasty all the same.

My prize for best tapas in town goes to Bodegas Mezquita. Although it's right beside the Mezquita – the biggest tourist attraction in town – it's not just a tourist trap. The food is very good and the prices quite reasonable. I actually went there twice; the first time by chance, the second by choice.

On my second visit, I had:
  • croquetas caseras de rabo de toro (home-made oxtail croquettes) with a glass of fino (dry white sherry);
  • ensalada de naranja con ventresca de atún y vinagreta de frutos secos (orange salad with tuna, and a nut vinaigrette) with a glass of Algarabia (young, fruity white);
  • cordero sefardí a la miel con frutos secos y pasas (Sephardic honey lamb with nuts and couscous) with a glass (well, two, actually) of Omeyas Roble (deep, fruity red).
All delicious!

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