Saturday 10 August 2013

First mistake in Morocco

I arrived in Tangier on the ferry from Tarifa on Wednesday afternoon, managed to get past the hordes of taxi drivers and "guides" and walked to the Medina. I stopped for a cold drink in a café and asked the waiter if he knew the way to my B&B. "Of course, I'll take you there!" Well, if you could just point me in the right direction... "No, I'll take you, it's not far.  That's three €3, please"  Eh, for a Coca-Cola, in Morocco? "Two for the drink, one for taking you to to your destination."

He took me, all right.  To the corner, 10 metres away, then said "go up that hill, past the Intercontinental hotel, turn left and down the alley. It's not far."



  1. Try to take a cab, you'll make your biggest second mistake! For a ride you thought would cost 100 dirham they will ask 200. In Morocco, you will learn to be a negociator.

  2. I'd have more of a problem that he was sending me down an alley!