Friday 2 August 2013

My first impressions of Malaga...

... were wrong!

I arrived, hot and bothered, in the late afternoon, expecting to drop my stuff and pop down to the beach for a quick dip.  Then I discovered my hotel is a bit on the shabby side, with the bathroom down the hall, and a 25-minute walk from the nearest beach. And not a pleasant walk at that, considering you have to cross several busy roads to get there.

However, once I got the chance to wander around in the evening, I discovered a charming city of narrow streets and small squares, humming with a lively atmosphere.  After a seafood dinner – I treated myself to compensate for the down-market hotel – I went for my usual coffee-and-brandy and found myself in a small music bar.  Although flamenco is not my favourite style of music I could appreciate the fine performances of the guitarist and two singers.  I stayed for a second round.

Most visitors to the Costa del Sol seem to ignore Malaga.  Their loss!

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