Tuesday 27 August 2013

Sunday in Vigo

The only reason Vigo is on my schedule at all is that it is on the other end of the only train line from Porto to Spain.  Incredibly, this is the only daytime train connection between the two countries, and there are only two trains per day.  The only other rail connections are two night trains to Lisbon, one from Madrid, the other from San Sebastian.

I arrived in Vigo on Sunday morning and checked in to my hotel at noon.  I spent the next hour exploring the old town.  An hour was enough.  Though it's pretty enough with its stone houses and windy, hilly streets, there is not much to get excited about.  The highlight of Sunday was the view of the bay from Burger King on the top floor of the shopping centre.  Monday wasn't much better.

Next time, I'll get a connecting train to Santiago, which is my destination today.

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