Sunday 28 July 2013

Una mosca en el ungüento

I went to a very nice restaurant on Friday night called Taberna del Alabardero with my two Madrid-based friends, Mónica and Fearghal. It's between Opera and the royal palace. We had the menú verano (summer menu) consisting of cold soup, hot soup, fish course, meat course, dessert. The wines were selected by the house and went very well with each course.  They offered a liqueur to round it all off nicely.

There was, however, a mosca in the ungüento: one of the waiters was very rude. When we asked him (in Spanish) what was in the soup, he replied "I serve it, I don't make it." Then at the end of the evening, he took my liqueur glass away before I had finished. All the other staff were very friendly and helpful. The manager called me the next day to apologise, which I appreciated.

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