Saturday 20 July 2013

Spanish food, cooked Japanese-style

Dinner last night was a mixed cultural event.  The restaurant is Japanese – in name at least: Sakura ("cherry blossom") – but the food is mostly Spanish. It is, of course, owned and run by Chinese people.

Sakura buffet,
calle Alfonso I, 26, Zaragoza
It's an eat-as-much-as-you-like buffet and the range of food available is quite impressive.  There are hot and cold starters; cuts of meat typical of any Spanish restaurant; various types of seafood (fillets of fish as well as shrimps, squid, cuttlefish and lots of shellfish, most of which I couldn't name); fresh and cooked vegetables; rice, of course, boiled or fried; and Spanish-style croquetas.  Cheese and dessert are included, also on a no-limits basis.

The real Japanese touch is the style of cooking: teppanyaki. The teppan is an iron hotplate on which the chef grills the food you've selected.

Great value too! The fixed price is €14.95 for all you can (or want to) eat.  It's even cheaper at lunchtime during the week when the price for the same deal drops to €9.95.  I chose white wine as an accompaniment; €2.25 for a respectably large glass.

The service was efficient and friendly, and a complementary shot of Hierbas rounded things off nicely.

They have six branches in Zaragoza city centre.


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