Saturday 13 July 2013

The adventure continues - summer 2013

During the depths of winter in Paris (which lasted until the end of May this year) I decided I'd head back to Spain where the sunshine is pretty much guaranteed.

I'm leaving Paris on Tuesday, 16 July with the following itinerary:

16/7 París-Irún (Basque Country)
18/7 Zaragoza (Aragon)
21/7 Madrid
29/7 Córdoba/Málaga (maybe also Algeciras and maybe even Tangier)
 4/8 Madrid
18/8 Lisbon/Porto/Vigo/Santiago de Compostela (Portugal, Galicia)
28/8 Madrid

??/? Paris.
Other trips are possible.  The only parts that are confirmed are my departure on 16 July, and the trip to Lisbon on 18 August.  The rest is open to change and I'm still not sure exactly when I'll be back.

Stay tuned to find out!



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  1. If you are staying Lisbon for a few days I can highly recommend a trip out to Cascais and Sintra.