Saturday 25 August 2012

Where are my socks?

Today is the last day of my holidays.  Tomorrow I'll be back in a place where I understand the language pretty well.  Friends here are very patient with my intermediate-level Spanish — and speaking the language is part of the adventure for me — but it does get a bit tiring when you have to constantly ask people to repeat or speak more slowly.

In Portugal I understood almost nothing by ear, though reading was a bit easier as the words are close to Spanish.  There are a few rules that you can pick up quickly.  For example, many words in Portuguese have an "r" in place of a Spanish "l":

plazapraça(square (in a town))

Just thinking as I'm about to pack my bags: I haven't worn socks or long trousers for almost three weeks.  I think I'll keep both near the top of my bag on the train tonight just in case I need them when I arrive in Paris in the morning.

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