Wednesday 8 August 2012

Up on the roof

Yesterday was a quiet day in Madrid.  Bought a 10-euro prepaid phone card and a few provisions for making lunches; had a beer on the way home. Installed my phone card and tried to use it: message in very fast Spanish said it wasn't activated. Back to the shop to ask what to do; three people in the shop gave each other instructions and between them got it working. Made a quick call to verify.  Had a couple of beers on the way home. Followed the instructions to activate the internet option and got a message to confirm it was done. Cool! Out of curiosity, checked my credit balance: €2.28! After one call?  Waited for Fearghal to get home and we went together to the shop.  They didn't know what to do so we went for a few beers and called the help line.  It turns out that my internet option costs €6 to activate, and that's before you even connect.  A couple more beers!

It was time to go out around 8 so we headed for fino and tapas near Plaza Santa Ana (family and friends may remember this square as the HQ in 2003).  There followed a mini crawl around Puerta del Sol, Gran Vía and Chueca.  The highlight was a bar on the roof of a hotel where we had a beer with our feet in the swimming pool.

After dinner (and wine) we headed home, stopping on the way for a couple of vodka-tonics.  At home, a quick nightcap of calvados rounded the evening off nicely.

I was a bit tired this morning.

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